Does this sound like you?

“I’ve built a practice that generates consistent clients and revenue, but I’m working more than ever. I’m still working as the ‘legal technician’ and it seems like no case can move forward without my direct input.”

“My staff won’t leave me alone! I’m ready to step back and let my staff attorneys handle the day-to-day, but it seems like there’s no one in my office prepared to take charge so I can spend time doing what I want.”

It seems like money is coming in one end and flowing out the other. I’m staying in the black, but I am concerned that one more financial crisis would undo all the hard work I’ve put into my law firm.”

“My law firm has been at the same revenue level for years. I take home the money I want, but I am ready to grow my firm’s revenue and reach a whole new level and I am unsure of what the next steps are.”

I’m constantly hiring. I have a few core people who’ve been running my firm for years, but the rest of my staff are constantly turning over. I don’t know if I am hiring the wrong people, or if there is something wrong with my law firm’s culture.”

I made a big investment in my law firm that went completely sour. I want to avoid making that mistake again, but I am not sure what went wrong.”

“I’m ready to do A LOT less in my practice. I’m not quite there yet, but I want to work toward a future where I stay at my vacation home most of the year while my practice runs on auto-pilot.”


Not Alone.

“I’m Ben Glass, and along with leading law firm coach Charley Mann, and we are inviting entrepreneurial law firm owners to combine their innate ingenuity and drive to succeed with our best-in-class guidance and strategic planning to achieve unrivaled growth and profit in their practices.”

Are you accidentally building an elaborate mouse trap designed to lock you deep inside your law
firm until you finally wake up and realize this isn’t what you want from life?

Sounds scary…

Yet it’s the most common outcome of running larger law firms.

While you may enjoy the hefty personal income of a seven-figure firm, let me ask you an important question:

Are you required to be there to make that money?

If your personal work is needed to generate revenue, you don’t have a business… You Have a Job.

No doubt it’s a job many would like, but you didn’t open your own law firm and grow it to seven figures just for the financial spoils. You don’t want to be stuck trading hours at your desk for money, even if it’s more money than you ever thought you’d be bringing home. After all, the money you make can’t buy you time… unless you’re putting that money toward transforming your law firm into an autonomous, systems-based practice, allowing you to come and go as you please.

The I.C.O.N System was built specifically for seven-figure firm owners like YOU with a proven method for increasing profit, adding millions in revenue, and giving you the freedom to work whatever hours you want on only the most important projects for you.

You can build the firm you really want to the size to best support your ideal lifestyle.
For some, it’s a solid $3 million with a big chunk of it going to personal income. For others, they want offices multiple locations (even multiple states) with a million-dollar or more annual payout from the practice.

When you “crack the code” on how growth occurs at seven figures, you can achieve far more than you ever thought possible!

This is the magic of the multi-million dollar firm. As you grow, you gain:

  • Economies of scale available only to seven- and eight-figure firms that allow you to focus on the Reinvestment Cycle critical to massive, accelerating growth
  • Revenue stability with far fewer outlier years (better for budgeting and producing reliable income)
  • Ability to test new strategies on a larger scale with less pressure on needing an instant win, meaning your BIG IDEAS actually have time to mature and produce a positive outcome
  • Higher margins on every signed client thanks to high-performing management and operation systems

You are ready to create an OWNER-INDEPENDENT business from you law firm. It will no longer rely on your efforts to get to the next level. Instead, through a better understanding and integration of the Marketing-Operation-Finance triangle, you will unlock millions in potential revenue from your current practice!

All you need is the right plan, a hard push to get started, and ongoing guidance to keep you on course.

You were able to get to seven figures (not an easy task, so congrats on joining the club!), so I know you have what it takes to turn your firm into an autonomous engine for growth and build a better lifestyle for you, your family, and even your employees!

This Could Be You...

Our gross revenue is 148% compared to the same timeframe last year”

– Jackie Bedard | Estate Planning | North Carolina

GLM has changed my entire work life and personal life. My wife and I have financial security and are planning to purchase a vacation home in the next two years.”

 – Max Meyers | Personal Injury | Washington

Great Legal Marketing has totally transformed my marketing efforts and how I spend money to attract business.”

– Tim Miley | Personal Injury | West Virginia

I take time off whenever I want; I never miss important school events; and am always home for family dinner.”

– Stacey Barrus | Personal Injury | Texas

The things that Great Legal Marketing is teaching are so advanced and so much on the cutting edge, I have a huge advantage over my competitors.”

– Bob Battle | DUI | Virginia


The ICON Program

Master the Principles and Strategies for Unlimited Growth!

 Ambitious law firm owners like you need, more than ever, a TRUSTED RESOURCE away from the negativity and noise holding you back from hitting the next stage of growth. You want to hear from experts who have “been there, done that” but who are also pioneering the next opportunities for practice owners.

 The ICON program is about MASTERY OF YOUR LAW FIRM as a business.

Here’s what an ICON member like YOU will do in just the first few months as part of going through the core four-step system:

Master your natural INFLUENCE as a marketing factor, leadership style, and growth driver for the practice while removing you from smaller tasks.

Solidify and codify the CULTURE of your firm, including developing the core values and setting the known standards for performance in the practice

Build your OPERATIONS road map for higher efficiency (meaning greater profits) and a more stable chain of command (meaning fewer questions and “pop-ins” in your personal office)

Nail down the primary NUMBERS that drive the growth of your law firm… most businesses only monitor the past, causing them to make poor decisions; you will learn how to look forward using specific numbers that predict the outcome

Success Story!

“Do You Want to Learn What They Should Have Taught Lawyers In Law School?” ”

It’s very simple.

Do you want to grow your law firm to the point where you can have more time for yourself?

 Do you want to enjoy the practice of law again and not feel like you’re in the “rat race?”

Do you want to learn what they should have taught lawyers in law school about the business and marketing of law practice?

Is that you?

That was me. But not anymore. One of the best decisions I’ve made in my practice was to become a part of Great Legal Marketing.

Abe Cardenas

Immigration, Florida

What’s Included with ICON Program Membership

All of the core ICON program materials are immediately available in our membership website, including:

Monthly Modules

Office Hours Sessions

Monthly ICON Letters

Templates and Guides

Special Membership BONUSES


Unlimited Email Support

Instant Access to New Marketing Reports and Guides

Exclusive Attorney-Only Membership Directory

The ICON Program’s Module-Based Monthly Training

Bust Open the Potential on Your Practice with The Best-in-Class Training Program for Seven-Figure Law Firm Owners

module 01

Why Lawyers Should Become “Empire Builders” and How that Serves You (and Your Clients)

How a simple change of thinking can free you to grow your practice how you want.

In this module, you'll learn

module 02

How to Define Your Law Firm’s Core Values to Enhance Your Practice, Your Marketing, and Your Life

How you can develop core values that will actually have meaning and will guide all the decisions in your firm.

In this module, you'll learn

module 03

How to Build a Workplace Culture that Enables Everyone to Thrive

Getting the right people in the right seats doing the work that energizes them.

In this module, you'll learn

module 04

How to Hire for Your Law Firm’s Success (and Fire the Employees Who Just Don’t Get It)

Identify areas for new hires and growth within your practice and discover how to find the best people for those roles.

In this module, you'll learn

module 05

How to Embrace the Role of CEO and Thrive as the Visionary of Your Law Firm

Discover a better way to serve your law firm’s clients (without doing all the legal work.)

In this module, you'll learn

module 06

What You Need to Create an “Operations Manual” that Will Guide Everything in Your Law Firm

Create systems in your practice that will better serve your clients and your bottom line.

In this module, you'll learn

module 07

How to Better Manage Your Law Firm’s Budget to Safeguard Your Financial Future

The critical piece of practice-building that is seldom discussed but absolutely essential.

In this module, you'll learn

module 08

How to Establish an Organizational Chart for Your Law Firm that Will Define the Right Seats Needed for Your Practice to Operate at 100%

Full guide to establishing an organizational chart that will assign the right people to the right seats and ensure your firm is operating at peak performance.

In this module, you'll learn

... Plus much more!

Join the HERO Program and Also Get These

Exclusive ICON Member Bonuses

Bonus 01

Engineering Your Super Squad: How to Build an All-Star Team for Your Law Firm

Engineering Your Super Squad is GLM’s one-of-a-kind expert hiring system. The program’s new Superhero Attraction ads will bring you the best candidates, and the Super-Screening Interview process will make sure you choose the best ones!

Included with the ICON Program!

Bonus 02

Make Tough Decisions: Create a High-Performance Culture, Hire Better Employees, and Make More Money by Improving One Simple (Yet Difficult to Master) Skill

All of Ben Glass’s best tips for making the toughest choices in your practice, including the best ways to manage employees, your time, and your firm’s finances.

Included with the ICON Program!

Bonus 03

Built to Thrive: Preparing Your Mind, Your Team, and Your Practice for Explosive Growth

The secret behind prioritizing your life over your practice (and how this opened up HUGE increases in PRODUCTIVITY for me) – discover the personal rules I use to increase my satisfaction as an entrepreneurial law firm owner and personal happiness.

Included with the ICON Program!

Bonus 04

Passion & Pain: The Truth About Personal and Business Growth as an Entrepreneurial Attorney

Blunt talk from Ben Glass about what it really takes to be an entrepreneur in a profession that doesn’t always respect that position.

Included with the ICON Program!

Bonus 05

Marketing & Money-Making Secrets: The Titanium Recordings

You’ll hear what they tell each other are THE most prized, most valuable, most powerful business strategies they utilize personally AND the best strategies they share with their constituencies. This incredible discussion gives you unprecedented insider’s insight into their businesses. You’ll hear the discussion UN-edited, as it was recorded LIVE … unscripted, unrehearsed.

Included with the ICON Program!

Monthly Office Hours (LIVE Sessions)

Dedicated Space for You to Ask Questions of GLM’s Top-Tier ICON Coaching Team

Our ICON Membership wasn’t meant to be experienced in a vacuum. Our team of coaches, guest speakers, and other high-performing ICON members are here to guide you during these monthly LIVE sessions. In previous Office Hours sessions, Ben Glass and Charley Mann have covered practice growth secrets, hiring and firing, new marketing opportunities, and other attorney-only practice-building topics. These sessions include two parts:

The Office Hours sessions are a great place for you to interact with like-minded attorneys who are dedicated to the growth of their practices. Everyone in this group has a “rising tides floats all boats” mentality, so you’ll get the very best from all the attorneys in the group!

Ben Glass usually charges $1500 monthly to do one-on-one coaching with attorneys, but you’ll be able to get on an Office Hour session with him once a month in a group setting to get your most pressing questions answered!


Choose the Subscription Plan That’s Right for You

Join the ICON Program for

$499 Per Month


Join the ICON Program for

$4990 Per Year

(Get 2 Months FREE)

Our 60-Day Practice Growth Money Back Guarantee​

Our ICON program changes law firms and improves the lives of our attorney members. After just 30 days of using our ICON program, you will see the results of our programs and tools yourself. (Some of our members report a 982%+ return on investment just with our Ultimate Referral System!)

The attorneys who implement our strategies know they work and are eager to use our proprietary materials and get LIVE feedback from our coaches. However, we understand we aren’t right for everyone (some attorneys don’t like breaking from conventions, even if doing so gets excellent results), so we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you aren't completely happy with your membership, you can request a full refund within the first 60 days of membership and we'll provide it, no questions asked!

The Icon Program Works

Learn More from Our Attorney Success Stories

“I simply followed the basic steps and I started seeing results”

- Michele Lewane Lewane Virginia

Since joining Great Legal Marketing, my income and law firm have more than tripled. I simply followed the basic steps and I started seeing results. Now I am in a great position and am trying to tweak and improve things. Great Legal Marketing continues to help me in these endeavors so I never have to recreate the wheel.

“Great Legal Marketing changed my life.”

- Michael Monteforte Estate Planning Massachusetts

Great Legal Marketing changed my life. They helped me transform my practice, and our growth over the last 3 years was far beyond our growth of the previous 10 years! The staff is excellent, the materials are excellent, and I highly recommend them to any lawyer that wants to grow, make more money, and thrive.

“Great Legal Marketing provides not only marketing education but also business coaching.”

- Loyd & Lindy Bourgeois Disability Law Louisiana

Great Legal Marketing provides not only marketing education but also business coaching. We’ve been members of other programs before and appreciate that the programs and events at Great Legal Marketing include actionable advice. They are willing and able to tailor their advice to different practice areas and billing/payments models.


Choose the Subscription Plan That’s Right for You

Join the ICON Program for

$499 Per Month


Join the ICON Program for

$4990 Per Year

(Get 2 Months FREE)

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