Does this sound like you?

“I don’t know how to attract more clients except by copying what my competitors do. I only attract a handful of clients with low-value cases, and I know I have to do something different but don’t know how to start.”

“I’m ready to put my practice on auto-pilot and spend more time with my family and friends, but I’m stuck in the grind doing everything from the practice of law, to new client intakes, to marketing. I want a clear path to sustainable growth.”

“I have hired vendors to manage my SEO, pay-per-click, video, and/or social media ads but I never see concrete results from any program. All these vendors tell me to ‘wait’ on results while I watch my budget drain away.”

“I am the member of a dozen attorney marketing social media groups and newsletters, but I never learn anything new or get a clear plan on how to implement. It all looks the same to me.”

“My marketing was doing great a few years ago, then something changed and suddenly my well of prospective clients disappeared.”


Not Alone.

“I’m Ben Glass and along with leading law firm coach Charley Mann, we are inviting entrepreneurial law firm owners to combine their innate ingenuity and drive to succeed with our best-in-class guidance and strategic planning to achieve unrivaled growth and profit in their practices.”

Enough is enough.

You don’t need another social media group to join…

You need a group with real buy-in designed to push you to greater and greater achievements – even past what you believe is doable right now.

It needs to have easy-to-understand and even easier to implement strategies that can be launched by DIY-ers investing their own elbow grease or those hiring pros to handle the hard work.

And most of all, IT. MUST. PRODUCE. RESULTS.

The H.E.R.O. System puts a proven path in your hands to grow revenue, increase profit, and give back the number one resource you can't purchase: time to spend with loved ones.

Our marketing and growth program for law firm owners looking to move into the seven-figure club will…

  • Push you to brand new heights with the assistance of a carefully guided growth system developed by professionals with top tier reputations for helping law firms. (No more suffering from the bad advice of amateurs who are better at making themselves sound good than actually growing a practice.)
  • Get you motivated to implement at warp speed (the ultimate difference between those who succeed and those who don’t.)
  • See the actual order of implementation you need to succeed based on our well-documented patterns of success – these are drawn from decades of combined experience helping firms just like yours.
  • Learn how to track your results, so you will have all the proof you need to know if your law firm is producing profit or dumping money into a bad decision.
  • Protect you marketing fads that sounds good but have no proof behind it. (These distractions cost law firms hundreds of millions of dollars a year in lost revenue, while just benefiting the fad-maker.)
  • Put your eyes on your well-defined prize and never for a moment lose sight of your GOALS, while you take concrete steps to hitting those objectives.

This Could Be You...

My year-to-date revenue went up 41% over the previous year”

– Joel Beck | Estate Planning | Georgia

One campaign brought in 2 clients and 19 potential new clients in the first 6 weeks”

– Mike Mastry | Estate Planning | Florida

My yearly revenue increased 60% while I am working less than ever before”

– Wayne Holcomb | Family Law | Virginia

I take time off whenever I want; I never miss important school events; and am always home for family dinner.”

– Stacey Barrus | Personal Injury | Texas

I had that growth of $150,000 to over $500,000 in just one year and I know my first $1,000,000 year is right around the corner”

– Lee Berlin | Sex Crime Law | Oklahoma


The HERO Program

Master Your Marketing and DOUBLE Your Return on Investment for Every Advertising Dollar

Do you struggle with getting the most from your marketing budget? Or maybe you’ve been afraid of investing more in marketing because it feels like a big unknown?

You’re hardly alone.

BUT STARTING TODAY… You’re going to shed those concerns and confidently implement your best-performing marketing campaigns EVER!

Law firm owners in the modern economy need, more than ever, a consistent trusted resource away from the outside noise of the hundreds (or thousands) of uncurated “info dumps.” While there may be a million and one places to poke around for the next online marketing idea or social media strategy, nothing helps the progress-making practice owner more than focused guidance and information.

Every member of the H.E.R.O. program goes through the transformational process of the core four-step system:

Define your ULTIMATE OUTCOME and the AMBITION ENGINE driving you to succeed. Follow our precisely staged process of developing exactly what you want to get out of your law firm. This includes how much money you want to make, lifestyle improvements, and time you spend both in and outside the practice.

Establish your HERO NETWORK, a group of fellow attorneys and community leaders who are eager to send you new clients. Put our “Ultimate Referral System” to work for you in less than 60 days, yielding rapid results of new clients.

Identify your PERSONAL STRENGTH from the five major areas of strength that generate success for business owners like you. See how putting more focus on your current strengths can massively accelerate your progress, instead of wasting time patching up weaknesses (this one mistake costs law firm owners countless lost days, weeks, and even months in productivity every year).

Enjoy mastery of creating digital PROSPECT PIPELINES from the many platforms available to you. This includes core courses on search engine optimization, social media, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more. You will feel ready to both execute on the strategies as a DIY-er and outsource the work to select vendors. Either way, it begins with this best-in-class education on these mission critical topics for digital age law firms.

Success Story!

“There is No Reason Why You Can't Do It Too”

“Like everybody who’s started their own law office, I started with great difficulty, but lots of personal rewards. In these 13 years I’ve had many ups and many downs.

I have tried all sorts of marketing techniques throughout my 13 years. The ones I have been successful with have been the strategies of Great Legal Marketing. The programs provided by Great Legal Marketing have been wonderful.

I did not get a ton of business from my website until using Great Legal Marketing. Now, I am certainly getting a lot more calls inquiries and new clients. My advice to any lawyer is to implement these strategies. I did it, and there is no reason why you can’t do it too.”

Matthew Konecky

Criminal Law,Florida

What’s Included with HERO Program Membership

All of the core HERO program materials are immediately available in our membership website, including:

Monthly Modules

Office Hours Sessions

Monthly HERO Letters

Templates and Guides

Special Membership BONUSES


Unlimited Email Support

Instant Access to New Marketing Reports and Guides

Exclusive Attorney-Only Membership Directory

The HERO Program’s Module-Based Monthly Training

Perfectly Paced Plan for Law Firms Owners Who Want to Hit Seven Figures and Need Maximum Impact Every Month

module 01

How to Differentiate Yourself from Competitors to Attract Your Ideal Client

To attract better clients, you need to create a message completely unique to your firm.

In this module, you'll learn

module 02

Discover the Three Phases of the Prospect Pipeline (A.K.A. the Client Pipeline) and How to Maximize Your Conversions in Each Phase

The client journey is complex, but we have a proven system for optimizing your potential clients' buyer's journey..

In this module, you'll learn

module 03

How to Build, Grow, and Nurture a Network of Attorneys (and Non-Attorneys) Who Will Instantly and Consistently Send Your Firm Clients

Word-of-mouth marketing is often neglected in this heavily digital era, and as a result most attorneys have overlooked their best source of cases.

In this module, you'll learn

module 04

How to Position Your Firm as the Authority in Your Practice Area for Your Region

What you can do to elevate your authority and deliver value to your clients.

In this module, you'll learn

module 05

How to Keep the Attention of Former Clients, Attorneys, and Other Potential Referral Sources

Discover how to cultivate relationships by retaining the attention of your followers and potential referral sources.

In this module, you'll learn

module 06

Train Your Staff to Master First Impressions to Pre-Convert Potential Clients Before They Speak to an Attorney

How to fix the biggest (and most common) leaks in your marketing bucket and set up your phone staff to convert more clients.

In this module, you'll learn

module 07

What You Need to Master Digital Marketing and Set Your Website Up to Dramatically Outperform Your Competitors

The secrets of law firms who take their websites from obscure to dominate.

In this module, you'll learn

module 08

How to Master the Art of Follow-Up and Monetize the Leads You are Already Getting

Dramatically improve the conversion rate of your marketing.

In this module, you'll learn

module 09

How to Use Paid Digital Marketing to Get the Highest Return on Investment for Your Firm

What you need to leverage the most exciting (and most dangerous) marketing opportunity in today’s current landscape.

In this module, you'll learn

... Plus much more!

Join the HERO Program and Also Get These

Exclusive HERO Member Bonuses

Bonus 01

Invasion of the Market Snatchers: How to Create a Marketing Machine So Sophisticated... It Seems to Come from Science Fiction!

Charley Mann reveals the most coveted psychological advantages employed by million- and billion-dollar businesses. My law firm currently employs each and every one of these strategies to our immense advantage. Your practice can be the next to benefit!

Included with the HERO Program!

Bonus 02

Mastering Client Attraction in the Modern Economy: The Best Start-to-Finish Proven System for Solo and Small Firm Attorneys to Experience Major Marketing Breakthroughs

How to attract clients WITHOUT “hard selling” ever again, create long-term sustainable growth in client leads, attract clients with higher margins, and create the right system for moving the right people from prospect to clients.

Included with the HERO Program!

Bonus 03

Underground Marketing: The Real Tactics to Get Seen, Be Heard, and Draw the Attention of Your Perfect Prospects

Learn how to do what most attorneys ignore and profit from your choice to go “underground” with your marketing!

Included with the HERO Program!

Bonus 04

Militant Time Management for Lawyers: How to Use Time More Wisely by the Man Who Has 9 Kids and Two Businesses

Imagine being able to produce double or triple the work you do now—and in half the time. Your practice would take off. Your income would soar. This is what happens when attorneys listen to and implement the proven strategies in Militant Time Management for Lawyers.

Included with the HERO Program!

Bonus 05

Lead Generation Secrets: The Titanium Recordings

Lead Generation is the heartbeat, the lifeblood of our law firm. Stop and re-read that, because if you haven’t embraced this vital truth yet, then you’re not ready for what you will discover in Lead Generation Secrets. On the other hand, if you want to unlock the power of multi-step, multi-media marketing funnels and gain a competitive edge just by being IN THE ROOM for these discussions, then order today.

Included with the HERO Program!

Monthly Office Hours (LIVE Sessions)

Dedicated Space for You to Ask Questions of GLM’s Top-Tier HERO Coaching Team

Our HERO Membership wasn’t meant to be experienced in a vacuum.
Our team of coaches, guest speakers, and other high-performing HERO members are here to guide you during these monthly LIVE sessions.
In previous Office Hours sessions, Charley Mann has covered lead generation tactics, digital marketing trends, copywriting strategies, and other attorney-only practice-building topics. These sessions include two parts:

The Office Hours sessions are a great place for you to interact with like-minded attorneys who are dedicated to the growth of their practices. Everyone in this group has a “rising tides floats all boats” mentality, so you’ll get the very best from all the attorneys in the group!

Charley Mann usually charges $500 monthly to do one-on-one coaching with attorneys, but you’ll be able to get on an Office Hour session with him once a month in a group setting to get your most pressing questions answered!


Choose the Subscription Plan That’s Right for You

Join the HERO Program for

$197 Per Month

And Get 1 Month FREE


Join the HERO Program for

$1997 Per Year

And Get 3 Months FREE

Our 60-Day Practice Growth Money Back Guarantee​

Our HERO program changes law firms and improves the lives of our attorney members. After just 30 days of using our HERO program, you will see the results of our programs and tools yourself. (Some of our members report a 982%+ return on investment just with our Ultimate Referral System!)

The attorneys who implement our strategies know they work and are eager to use our proprietary materials and get LIVE feedback from our coaches. However, we understand we aren’t right for everyone (some attorneys don’t like breaking from conventions, even if doing so gets excellent results), so we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you aren't completely happy with your membership, you can request a full refund within the first 60 days of membership and we'll provide it, no questions asked!

The HERO Program Works

Learn More from Our Attorney Success Stories

“Old clients are coming back and our VIPS have been referring business to us.”

- D. "Rep" DeLoach Elder Law Florida

Being content isn't good enough anymore.

Having a solid foundation for my marketing and the confidence that GLM will guide me through the maze of marketing ideas keeps me relaxed and excited about the next phase.

I know GLM knows what works and the best way to implement it, so I don't have to waste my time. You will never leave where you are until you decide where you would rather be.

“Great Legal Marketing has real common sense and proven ideas to improve and expand a law practice.”

- John Bledsoe Family Law Californis

Great Legal Marketing has real common sense and proven ideas to improve and expand a law practice. I bought one of their publications, a book called Renegade Lawyer Marketing and later I attended their annual summit meeting in Arlington Virginia. I listened to presentations from attorneys from all over the nation who had implemented their strategies and had great results. I spoke to more than one of these attorneys and learned even more and became more convinced - I could take my law firm to a new level.

I was convinced and impressed enough that I made arrangements to return to Virginia to attend a Fast Implementation Boot Camp. I took with me two of my staff members. This was an opportunity to meet for a day-and-a-half with Ben Glass and his staff in a smaller group setting. This event was super helpful. The cost of it was unbelievably modest. Yet Ben and his very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and engaging staff were all there. Each of these quality and talented individuals presented. That was important because my staff and I got to know each of them a bit. It gave me confidence that they would be available to assist my staff in the implementation of our marketing plan.

My employees and I left this event with specific hands-on instruction to improve our law practice and bottom line. Attorney and law firm marketing expert Ben Glass (who is the real deal) takes the time to answer all questions really cares that each participant succeeds. Unless you are my competitor (Family Law in Southern California) I highly recommend Great Legal Marketing.

“The best organization out there in terms of teaching lawyer marketing.”

- Carol Cadiz Personal Injury and ERISA Disability | Illinois

By far the best organization out there in terms of teaching lawyer marketing. Ben Glass not only teaches but is a practicing attorney who knows what we face on a day-to-day basis.

At GLM, you will find an entire community of lawyers who are happy to share what they are doing in terms of marketing, law firm development & management, and life strategies. The people that you meet here are genuine & kind. The positive energy is contagious (no complainers!).

I've been a very satisfied member since 2011 and look forward to many more years to come! Thank you, Great Legal Marketing!


Choose the Subscription Plan That’s Right for You

Join the HERO Program for

$197 Per Month

And Get 1 Month FREE!


Join the HERO Program for

$1997 Per Year

And Get 3 Months FREE!

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